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Thursday, 20 September 2012

iPhone 5 shoots Apple shares to $ 700

Since the beginning of this year, this has become the most valuable company in the world, the company has accumulated a 73.3% appreciation of the impressive stock market. Technology giant Apple stock today for the first time after the Nasdaq in New York, shut down more than $ 700 a good command of the new smartphone iPhone5 operations in recent days.

Shares, barriers to playing during the day Monday, to $ 699.8, the end of its current session today on Wall Street after a goal of 0.3% or $ 2,701.91 per $ 13, which is a new record.

Bites, and signed by the apple the meeting reached a high of $ 702.33 , and established an impressive stock market appreciation of 73.3% since January, which has become the most valuable company in the world market capitalization bordering $ 660,000.

Apple has signed a new stage after the company announced on Monday said that it sold the first day of the two million units of the new iPhone5, double the number who managed the iPhone4 model and a new sales record popular smartphone.


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