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Monday, 16 July 2012

Create two user accounts, one for work and one for leisure is good or bad idea?

Many users now make use of your Mac for both professional and leisure topics. The same team that drafted a report, create a spreadsheet, edit video or to schedule our last application then use it to watch a movie, accessing social networks or play World of Warcraft.

Against this background it is worth pausing to consider whether to create different user accounts to use depending on what is worthwhile or not. Consider the benefits it can offer and how to optimize their use.

Advantages of having a user account just for work:

Why is it interesting this option? Is the question we do and these are the reasons why I think it may be interesting to use a user account just for work.

  • It's like having two different computers, the home and office
  • Install only the applications you use to work out applications that can be a source of distraction
  • Organize files without fear of mixing work with leisure
  • Put in the Dock only what you need for your activity
  • Ability to use a Drop box account for work and one for personal use. 

Set spaces and full screen applications:

Notifications only for the account of work, no distractions with messages from friends To create a new user must only access the Preferences Panel -> Users and Groups. Here you can create the new user profile that will serve you as well for items of work or leisure. Look carefully at the type of account you believe, if you have administrator permissions or not. If the reasons have convinced you and you want to test whether this option you may find interesting and productive we are going to give a series of tips and tricks to improve further.

The first is to set the automatic start up of applications that you use for your work. Many applications have the option to open at login. But if we can do using Automaton and the configuration of the start up items. The second is to establish different areas and fix them in certain applications for OS X until version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or the use of OS X Lion spaces below. If only we will assign a single application it is best to use the full screen mode. Finally, disable the automatic start up and enable fast user switching. The first is obvious, prevent it from ever working in the bill when maybe we intend to access the entertainment. The second to switch quickly between them.


After being toying with the idea of using two user accounts which define different profiles, one for items of work and one for leisure, I opted to carry it out. If not eventually find more disadvantages than advantages but I think not. So far I have established applications such as Notes, Safari and Writer in full screen mode on different desktops. Then in another feed reader and some small utilities for consultations. I set the notifications and I have no application that can be a distraction.

Besides its independent library iPhoto allows me to store images that I use exclusively for work items, thus separating the family, friends and travel. The iTunes is shared even more use Spottily. And finally a couple of cosmetic changes as a neutral wallpaper.

I think it may be a good idea. And yes, there are also negative aspects such as access to files we have in one way or another unless you configure the permissions correctly or having to walk in to see changing our personal email or access Twitter. But it is helping us focus on the task we have to perform. Now I will comment as everything progresses. And you Do you make use of two user accounts depending on what activity? I am interested to know your opinion.


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