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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Google introduced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google did not disappoint at the beginning of Google I / O 2012 and, as was the review and comments , the Mountain View was going to take the event to present the new version of Android, Android 4.1 c. to Jelly Bean. It was clear that  we would see a new version of Android, after the leak so early, the announcement of the Nexus 7, the famous tablet Google based on specifications that have been broken, was equipped Android 4.1, the truth is that Google has shown in the speech did not disappoint.

Among the first to highlight the details of the new version of Android are improvements in user interaction with your smartphone or tablet as it can issue orders to the terminal without having to have an active data connection, improving the management interface of the camera or the management notifications.

Android 4.1 includes a new Jelly Bean predictive keyboard that allows users to dictate text and also dare to predict what the next word that we will present (something that could embarrass more than one user). Google also supports more languages and includes support for keyboard Farisi, Indian or Thai while dictating, for now, only available in English.

Clearly one of the users more content to manage their mobile devices are photographs, an increase of storage material in the cloud or shared through social networks and, with this idea, and improved to process images caught, which makes it easier to visualize a series of images, delete an image or recover photos deleted by mistake.

If you manage multiple email accounts, customers have installed various social networks and tend to point our appointments on the agenda of the terminal, perhaps our notification center may seem chaotic at times and at the end, it can become quite complex to manage by having to jump between applications and notifications. With the idea of simplifying the actions and avoid having to navigate between applications and notifications, the notification center of Android 4.1 will allow us to perform actions directly from him and from there we can meet calls, answer e-mail (with a default response) or to accept a new friend on Facebook, for example, without having to access the client application.

If improvements to notifications are quite interesting, especially to improve our personal productivity somewhat, one of the most caught my attention is now Google, a feature that is based on our habits (travel, browsing history , research, etc.) to draw a kind of profile of our habitual movements or tasks and help us make better and spend less time. The idea is that if, for example, we have a meeting at a particular place and we tend to get around on foot, our terminal informs the scope for us to arrive on time and will also give us the way optimal information also inform us the time to take the bus, offering their schedules.

Searches are other factors that have improved in Android 4.1 Where to start changing the user interface and adds a voice browser that can remind us a little Siri IOS. The voice search will provide a kind of summary of results pages, places, people with information from various sources such as Wikipedia, and where we can go to the pages of classical results of a simple gesture.

Jelly Bean Android 4.1 will be available in the middle of next July if the developer SDK is available immediately and precisely this group of developers, Google has staged a few minutes to quickly check the status of gaming Google. The market for Google already has more than 600,000 applications and games that caused more than $ 20 billion of facilities in the terminals available to users, some interesting data that show the health of the Android application market (which seized with the finding that over 50% of applications that are installed are extra, and operating in 132 countries).

Continuing with applications, the Google team announced a very interesting improvements that will benefit users and operators from Gingerbread until the jelly bean, updates will be smarter and instead download the complete application, only changes will be downloaded (which will result in a lower discharge and better use of resources: data plans and drums). On the other hand, to shield developers, Android 4.1 will include an application Jelly Bean encryption to protect code and payment applications to prevent others from accessing it.


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