• Dell Decides To Stop Making Tablets With Android

    All is not gold that glitters. Although growth rates in sales of tablets, and the unbeatable expectations for the coming years, the truth is that not all manufacturers are getting their devices enter the market.
  • The iPad | iPhone 5 and 3 come with an enhanced Siri

    There are many rumors tell us that Apple is working hard on creating a new iPhone 5, but also a brand new iPad 3 that could make its triumphal appearance in mid 2012.
  • BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Will Handle Mobile Security Of Any Device On Business

    Research in Motion launched BlackBerry Mobile Fusion in 2012, allowing companies to manage the safety of their workers terminals regardless of brand or manufacturer.
  • Kinetic Nokia Device | Mobile Device Flexible

    By "fault" of concepts and a few more tries, flexible displays are not really shocking that they should, but another issue is that they respond to the type of fold that you do.
  • Wikitapas, A Tapas Bar Finder For Mobile

    The number of applications that use geolocation GPS to find nearby places is increasing. If there is a variety to locate bars, restaurants and hotels, is now the turn of the lids.

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Microsoft | AOL and Yahoo Are Fighting Google

In search of bending machine to flatten the overwhelming projects outside of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo had decided to join forces and try to do something about it. Much could not be done until now, where floated the intention of creating a unified form that appeals to the sale of advertisements for large companies. As this still has much to develop, now the two companies have just agreed to join the AOL Inc. will try to bring its renowned communication techniques to try to win some customers to Google. Can do?

This we all know. The two companies have been sniffing about for a long time, convenience, and the other for the same. Rumors have accumulated purchase as spyware in the Windows Vista of a pensioner, but nothing has happened to make Internet stir the waters, which are usually quite dangerous. But some time ago decided to hold hands and go out together a new project that is waiting to give benefits to users of these two platforms is that first, Yahoo and Microsoft have formed an alliance of hunters, renewing lack of freshness in the presence of quasi-monopolistic Google, but for now there are no great answers about his development and success.

But what this merger? To understand the reasons need not look further than a high search market taken by Google, where the use of Bing is merely a consequence of coming as default search engine in Internet Explorer. In this context, Yahoo and Microsoft decide to make a quantitative and qualitative change to investment and development on their platform searches, even though, always working independently, Microsoft will provide the technology to perform algorithmic search, which is currently we work well in Bing. On the other hand, also use the Ad Center as strong boost to the sponsorship of the results, as far as commercially Yahoo! positively affected by this, but will not make money without working, as they deal with large advertising accounts requiring large amounts of storage and care services. All this would be crystallized when Yahoo and Microsoft take out a new unified search engine, which will, as stipulated in the announcement, with some 560 million users. But nothing new had happened, until Tuesday.

Triple alliance of AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo to sell advertising

As I write, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL are holding up glasses in front of the trade agreement just made in terms of throwing pebbles at Google (and Facebook) through the incorporation of a system Ad for premium accounts from below that challenges the hegemony of the Mountain View giant. No one knows what will happen or how they will, but it is good to remember the ad above and refresh this Search Engine War that could revive at any time.