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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Touch Adobe Photoshop And Other Tools For Android

Adobe has released a set of tools for mobile devices under the name of Adobe Touch. All of them are focused on the online edition via tablets Android operating system. There are six programs based applications such as Photoshop, allowing Collage Proto or retouch images, create web pages, and other types of digital design and art, but now anytime and anywhere.

The most striking is Adobe Photoshop Touch. With it you can create new compositions, retouching, or even use different layers, as the program works for computers. However, one must be aware that this is a tablet, and has limited functionality. For example, it is possible to upload images with a resolution above 1600 x 1600 pixels, or more than 16 layers to form an image. But it is possible to export the work in this format PSDX application to continue working with them in Photoshop CS5. The Adobe Photoshop Touch is priced at 8 euros and is now available in the Android Market.

Another application that stands out is Adobe Proto. With it, you can make web design easy and intuitive way from a tablet. Also called attention to its system of gestures as tools. So, if you draw a picture on the screen, a web page element receptacle can be any type of file: If you enter text scribbles, if you draw a triangle (play symbol) is used that space to video, etc.. It also allows creating buttons and links for a website project well developed, and can be previewed from within the application. Proto Adobe also be found in the Android Market for a price of 8 euros.

Adobe Ideas is another of these applications that focuses on artistic creation. This is a set of tools to create from scratch drawings, sketches or drawings quickly and conveniently, but with the possibility to be quite detailed. Thus, it is possible to zoom, use different brush sizes, and even use multiple layers and colors to create true works, as if it were a sketch pad. A point in favor of this application is the ability to undo or redo up to 50 steps performed so that the drawing is perfect. Like the other Adobe applications Touch set, you can download from the Android Market at a cost of 8 euros.

The three remaining applications could be considered as platforms or annexes to those already mentioned. And, despite being functional and complete in themselves, offer possibilities for designs, images and compositions created with Proto, Photoshop and Ideas. Thus, we find Adobe Kuler works as a creator of color themes that inspire coloring or create new designs. You can also remove the colors of a design created for another. For its part, Adobe Collage is able to create dynamic compositions based on drawings and images stored on the device, downloaded from the Internet or created with other Adobe tools.

Finally, i must talk about Adobe Debut. A utility for creating presentations and take them anywhere with the tablet. Just as Collage, allows interaction with other Adobe tools or the Internet to use the images and text needed to create a complete presentation as slides. Just as other applications Collage, Debut Kuler and cost 8 euros each, and can be found in the Android Market.

I cannot forget to discuss their social possibilities, and that all Adobe Touch lets you upload all your creations cloud known as Adobe Creative Cloud, which provides up to 20 GB of virtual space. This makes it possible to share, store and download from various devices. IPhone users must wait until the first quarter of 2012 to enjoy these digital work tools. Although, for now, you can experiment Adobe Ideas, which is now available through iTunes for a price of 5 euros.