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Friday, 18 November 2011

Lytro Specifications | Price And Release Date

A few months ago, I heard the procedure for a new camera that could give a new twist to the picture and also home to professional, as a kind of technique unprecedented in terms of capture, this camera would have the ability to make original conventional photography, but then captured to choose between different points of focus. Lytro approach is the camera on demand, and has now been announced with specifications, price and release date estimate.

Has reached a point where cameras are already everywhere and have taken the capacity of your lenses and shutters to high performance levels, setting the bar very high and generating the novelty effect of exceeding by a pixel or a zoom over that horizon does not appear to show that progress is not revolutionary techniques to return the focus point to how we take pictures. If there is an invention that broke the amateur-professional scheme that divides the spectrum of photography, the camera was Lytro that thinking about the uses of photography today, showed the ability to focus after shooting, which today for today takes us back to Photoshop or other image editors. The presentation made here, but there were doubts about its price and release, and the good news are nearby.

Since the company has formally announced Lytro the camera will hit stores in 2012, breaking a bit with the fantasy of it ready for Christmas. A level specifications, in the beginning of the marketing to the world, the camera will come with a package of 8GB internal memory, which seems a lot but not so much because you can only store 350 pictures. On the other hand we have a larger model with 16GB of memory can store 750 photos. Both models have a 1.46 inch LCD display touchscreen, which corresponds almost the entire width and height of a camera that is quite unique in its ergonomics, measuring 11.2 inches long x 4.1 cm wide with a weight of 214g achieved by anodized aluminum frame. Strange way, as the effect it produces.

The format in which images will be taking them after LFP (Ligh Field Picture), which also gives genesis to a new concept to speak of mass photography, the Megaray, which is the number of beams of light captured by the camera an 8X optical zoom, so that information (color, position, intensity, etc.). every possible focus point becomes a reality at the time of shooting. The camera will also come with Lytro own editing software (Mac OS, for now) and the ability to upload pictures to a hosting site deLytro from the machine after changing the approach to taste. Plenopticas as Lytro cameras need a fair price to become massive, and in the case of these specimens, the 8GB you can get for $ 400 and 16GB for $ 500. What do you think?